Shaheed Bhai Amrik Singh Memorial Gurmat Camp
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Shaheed Bhai Amrik Singh Memorial Gurmat Camp
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Gurmat Camp 2010 - Sunday 25th July 2010 to Saturday 31st July 2010
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What is Gurmat Camp?
Gurmat Camp is an annual event when a number of children meet for a period of one week and participate in various activities.
These include;
- Indoor/outdoor games and various team activities
- Community life (Gurmat living)
- Lectures, discussions and workshops on Sikh religion and culture
- Essay writing, drawing and painting competitions
- Introduction to Kirtan and Sikh Art

Aims and Objectives of Gurmat Camp
- To promote an understanding of Sikh teachings and way of life
- To acquaint children of Sikh customs, practices and cultural heritage
- To introduce relevant aspects of Sikh history
- To inform children of the issues facing Sikhs during present times
- To promote good citizenship and awareness of the social and
community obligations of Sikhs in Britain today

Organisation of Gurmat Camp
Gurmat Camp is sponsored by the following organisations;
- Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Willenhall
- Sikh Youth Group (Walsall)
- Sikh Federation (UK, Walsall Branch)

The sponsoring Gurdwaras are the main focus for the propagation of Sikh religious teaching and culture in the area. These Gurdwaras have a long standing tradition of service in this respect and their support for the Gurmat Camp project is invaluable.
The Sikh Youth Group (Walsall) is involved in various programmes for the youth in the area.

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